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Hybrid Power Conversion Experiment Equipment

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Equipment Introduction

  • Solar & Wind Hybrid generation experiment equipment is made for various experiments such as efficiency calculation by alternation of load resistance, wind speed and other environment

  • Furthermore, it enables experiment of efficiency calculation by different control method for energy generation improvement

  • Use of a direct, parallel control circuit and automatic switching circuit configuration during

  • discharge or power supply, and an inter-system connected inverter system during discharge

  • or power failure.

  • PC monitoring mode enables real-time data check and time-specific data history inquiry using proprietary software.

Education Contents

01.Experiment with the output voltage and current measurements of solar modules and calculate the efficiency of modules according to their load resistance changes

02. Describing the output characteristics of the solar module according to the load change, the angle of incidence 

03. Experiment on the output voltage and current measurement of solar module according to shade when a module is connected directly or in parallel

04. An Experiment to Measure the Efficiency of Wind Turbine Generator System by the Wind Speed

05. Describe the Characteristics of Wind Power Generator System According to the Wind Speed Change

06. Experimental Study on the Prevention of Charging Controller Overcharge

07. Draw the voltage and current graphs according to the discharge capacity of the battery

08. An Experiment to Measure the End-of-Rate Voltage by the Battery Discharge Experiment

09. Experiment to predict battery state of charge and discharge (SOC) as a result of battery drain

Equipment Characteristics

  • Can teach and learn basic principles or components of solar & wind powered hybrid generation system

  • Enables users to practice arrangement of parallel and series solar module composition circuit

  • Can understand principles of solar & wind energy generation efficiency by measuring output voltage / current with alternation of load resistance

  • Can examine final discharge voltage by experimenting charge/discharge characteristics of each batteries

  • Can adjust distance, incidence angle and amount of solar radiation between solar panel and artificial sunlight and experiment each characteristics

  • Can understand principles of solar cell by using photo-voltaic effect of semiconductor junction Enables users to design wind turbine blades by understanding characteristics of wind turbine & brake systems

  • Enables on-job training of on/off grid inverter circuit system by using real wiring sequence control equipment (SQ). Including experimenting on various environments such as variation of series & parallel input and automatic switch circuit for blackout & discharge

  • Can be interlock with KTE-DA100M monitoring system which enables convenient experiment on solar generation system.

System Description

HB520N-System Description.png

Detailed configuration

HB520N-Detailed configuration.png

Composition of Generator of Electric Converter

HB520N-Generator of Electric Converter.png

Composition of Control Panel
(Power conversion section)

HB520N-Control Panel.png

Structure of DA100 Program

Application of data acquisition equipment

◈Composition of main user interface 

HB520N- 프로그램 메인.png

(1) Diagram display area and real-time voltage and current configuration

(2) Voltage, current, power chart.

(3) Solar cell efficiency, Wind turbine efficiency, Stand-alone and grid–connected inverter inverter efficiency calculations

◈ Function 

  • Display wind power generator, charge controller, battery, grid-connected invertor, stand-alone invertor, commercial power, DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, AC current and so on.

  • Separate DC part and AC part to easy monitoring.

  • Real times calculate the efficient of wind power generator by fill out rotor length, wind speed, air density.

  • Select the data acquisition interval in software.

  • Adding the offset function for modify the value and display the setting value.

  • Upon start, it setting the excel file name and save the data to prevent the date remove by unexpected conditions such as black out or program shut down.

  • Battery consumption circumstance real time monitoring function.

  • Including the flow diagram to help understanding of equipment.

  • Saving the flow diagram by JPG file.

  • Make a graph using the real time data which was user select.

Video clips for introduction

video Solar & Wind Power Generation.png

Proposal Educational Curriculum Solar & Wind Power Generation

video KTE-HB520N-P01EN.png

Hybrid power conversion experiment equipment

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