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Equipment Introduction

  • PLC automation application training equipment is an equipment that designed for teaching mechanism of industrial transferring methods and control system. Which includes training automatic control system of cylinder insert, belt conveyor, pick & place, screw slide and gear transfer modules. Furthermore, enables training of combination of each module by learning various functions of industrial automation controlling methods.

  • With this equipment, you can understand basic principles of industrial manufacturing automation devices and experience performance of various PLC automation control systems by operating mechanism cycles.

  • Especially, the PLC module of this equipment is consist of PLC hardware that actually used widely in industries. Thus, enables practice of PLC programming & operating skills with the same way it is used in actual industrial fields. With this PLC module, you can learn both educational and industrial PLC control systems such as logical element, position control, speed control and time control. Also, conducting an experiment of analyzing performances between each mechanism & control methods.

  • Furthermore, you can also learn how to modify and alternate PLC ladder program upon various conditions. Even with single mechanism & module, you will practice those programming that depends on additional requirement, operating time, position of each modules and alternating environments.

  • The PLC automation application is an essential subject for engineering fields such as for mechatronics & manufacturing automations. Which allows users to learn various on-job training about automation control skills. However, as the industrial equipment requires more cost and effort. MPS7000 will allow you to learn all those skills with less time, cost and effort.

Education Contents

01. Pneumatic system control with Cylinder insert module Test

02. Automation control with PLC programming Test

03. Belt Conveyor Module programming Test

04. P&P module (Pick and Place Module) Test

05. Screw Slide Module Test

06. Gear Transfer Module Test

Equipment Characteristics

  1. This hands-on equipment is designed to understand the mechanisms for transmitting and converting power generated by actuators based on manufacturing equipment at industrial sites.

  2. This lab equipment is configured to understand the operating principles of manufacturing equipment in industrial sites through each module.

  3. This lab equipment should be manufactured with design specificity to facilitate disassembly and assembly by the trainer.

  4. This lab equipment shall include simulation software to understand the various disassembly assembly tools and the associated disassembly order.

  5. This lab equipment shall include a pneumatic compressor (no noise and stand type) for operation and shall include all parts of the pneumatic facility.

  6. This lab equipment shall include connector configuration for sensors and lead switches to facilitate disassembly and assembly.

  7. The mechanism module of this lab equipment is configured to perform industrial field functions such as transport, lift, turn, clamp, positioning, alignment, and segmentation.

  8. It shall be equipped with a circular strap with an E-type snap ring insertion for a 4mm cable interface and shall be configured with an insulated sleeve and a challenge socket with a tapered anti-breakout jaw to assemble and prevent panel challenge sockets.

  9. This practical device shall be constructed with a clamp that utilizes the rotation of the rotary lever to prevent abrasion by moving the 1st clamping bump diagonally upwards by moving outward by spring elasticity.

  10. For safe practice and consistent quality, the module case shall be made of insulated injection materials and shall be capable of being extended to hinge assembly methods, etc.

  11. This hands-on device is constructed by considering the compatibility of laboratory practices associated with PLC for control experiments.

  12. This practical equipment shall be organized in consideration of compatibility with the equipment previously owned by the department, and shall be 100% modified and supplemented if there is any change from the existing equipment.

Detailed parts configuration


1)   Screw slide module

2)   P&P (Pick and Place) module

3)   Belt conveyor module

4)   Cylinder insert module

5)   Gear transfer module

Composition of  PLC controllers

◈ PLC module 

MPS7000-PLC module.png

◈ Relay module 

MPS7000-Relay module.png

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