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Wind Power Generation Experiment Equipment

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Equipment Introduction

  • Wind generating test system, KTE-7000WG, consists of wind generating system and wind power convert test system.

  • Power used in test is produced from virtual wind generating system, and power convert test system converts the electric energy to usable power for normal load operation throughout power convert from ac to dc or dc to ac. Also, power convert test system creates the basic sequence controlling circuit throughout automatic control part for control tests for each capacity of wind generating system.

Education Contents

01. Off-grid inverter system installation training

02. Load test of wind power module

03. parallel control circuit composition and load power input circuit

04. Automatic transfer circuit configuration at electric discharge or power failure

05. Grid-connected inverter circuit configuration

06. Battery power input circuit training

07. Experiment of power output by parallel circuit configuration

08. Real-time monitoring experiment

09. System connect inverter load operation experiment

Equipment Characteristics

  • This system should be composed of a Wind Generator module and a Power Conversion module.

  • The Power Conversion module should be configured as charging controller, battery, stand-alone type inverter, grid-connection type inverter, auto transfer switch (ATS), and load device, thus it should be equipped with controlling system devices.

  • This equipment is composed of consol type, so wherever it can be available in commercial power supply.

  • Device should be composed of banana plug contactor for saving circuit configuration time.

  • The power conversion device and the control panel should be connected as vertical type.

  • When over production of electric power, it should transmit power to commercial electricity, when low production of electric power, it should get transmit power from commercial electricity.

  • Can be interlock with KTE-DA100M monitoring system which enables convenient experiment on wind generation system.

  • (Option) AUTO control adjusting part (SQ or PLC control)

Detailed configuration


Composition of Generator of Electric Converter


Composition of Control Panel
(Power conversion section)

7000WG-control panel.png

Structure of DA100 Program

Application of data acquisition equipment

◈Composition of main user interface 


(1) Diagram display area and real-time voltage and current configuration

(2) Voltage, current, power chart.

(3) Solar cell efficiency, Wind turbine efficiency, Stand-alone and grid–connected inverter inverter efficiency calculations

(4) Click a toggle switch to run program to save data.

◈ Function 

  • Monitoring the measured data of temperature in real time

  • Display solar power generator, wind power generator, charge controller, battery, grid-connected invertor, stand-alone invertor, commercial power, DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, AC current and so on.

  • Battery consumption circumstance real time monitoring function.

  • Saving the flow diagram by JPG file.

  • Upon start, it setting the excel file name and save the data to prevent the date remove by unexpected conditions such as black out or program shut down.

  • Wind power generation experiment equipment and measuring device for image.



Video clips for introduction

video Solar & Wind Power Generation.png

Proposal Educational Curriculum Solar & Wind Power Generation

video educational lab.png

Educational lab experiment equipment Proposals

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