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Equipment Introduction

  • It is the thread wiring plc control test system for controlling renewable energy generating test system, it can conduct the basic electric circuit practice, national skill certificate circuit practice, and also renewable energy generating system plc control can be programmed and practice, and throughout screen, generating power can be monitored in real time. 

  • Basic sequence education : Connects the thread wire with various new renewable device and banana jack, and by using plc, after programming, it can be operated.  

  • Various circuit sequence design practice : It uses relay (ry), push button switch (pb), select switch (s/sw), toggle switch (t/s), buzzer (bz), power lamp (pl), run lamp (rl), stop lamp (gl), and input and output consists of outside power input part, signal input part, various information save part, cpu output part and communication part, so you can experience various new recycle device control plc.  

  • Safety : Dc24v input power is selected for safety thread wiring test and practice. 

  • Simple wiring practice using banana jack : Not only wiring using wires, but inserting banana jack, easy and simple wiring practice is available.

Education Contents

  • Practice to configure and operation as circuit

1) Practice to configure switch circuit

2) Practice to configure relay circuit

3) Practice to configure of AND circuit

4) Practice to configure of OR circuit

5) Practice to configure of NOT circuit

6) Practice to configure of NAND circuit

7) Practice to configure of NOR circuit

8) Practice to configure of lock up circuit

  • Practice to configure and operation as circuit2

1) The battery power input circuit training

2) Using ATS automatic switch circuit for uninterruptible

3) Practice to configure of commecial electric or battery power selection circuit

4) Stand-alone inverter circuit configuration training 1

5) Stand-alone inverter circuit configuration training for Solar street light

6) Stand-alone inverter circuit configuration training 2

7) Stand-alone inverter circuit configuration training 3

8) Hybrid systems and Grid connected inverter circuit configuration1

9) Hybrid systems and Grid connected inverter circuit configuration2

10)Stand-alone inverter & Grid connected inverter complex using the system configuration training

Equipment Characteristics

  • PLC controlled practice devices, for controlling renewable energy practice devices, can be used to program basic electrical circuit practice and national technical qualification circuits using PLC.

  • Banana jack cables should be used to shorten wiring time and ensure safe practice.

  • 36pin connectors can be connected and controlled with renewable energy generation systems.
    ◼ The solar energy generation system
    ◼ Wind energy generation system
    ◼ Solar and wind energy hybrid power generation system
    ◼ Photovoltaic hydrogen fuel cell power generation system
    ◼ Electrolysis hydrogen fuel cell generation system 

  • It is made in the form of a bag, so it is easy to move and store. 

  • Each device is manufactured in a detachable form and can be easily replaced in the event of a defect.

Detailed parts configuration


Composition of Control parts

◈ PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) 

  • PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) is a high autonomy designed control device that is available program-control adding mathematical function on basic sequence control function by semiconductor devices as LSI translator from that had been shift conventional relay timer as counter device.

◈ 8-pin 

  • For control of compressor motor, condenser fan motor, solenoid valve, and evapoerator fan motor of standard refrigeration.

Video clips for introduction

video Solar & Wind Power Generation.png

Proposal Educational Curriculum Solar & Wind Power Generation


Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generation Experiment Equipment



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