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Electrolysis-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Experiment Equipment

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Equipment Introduction

  • The experimental devices consist of electrolytic cell, fuel cell, dehumidifier, DC lamp, water tank control switch and display panel.

  • The water tank contains distilled water. And this distilled water is decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis. At that time, decomposed oxygen is emitted while hydrogen is injected into the fuel cell after it is dehydrated.

  • The flow rate of hydrogen can be controlled by using valve.

  • The current made by fuel cell is used to turn on the DC lamp. The load of the fuel cell is controlled through changing the number of DC lamp.

  • Display panel shows voltage-current about the electrolysis and the fuel cell.

Education Contents

01. Practicing power generation efficiency of fuel cells

02. Practice DC LOAD (LED) using fuel cell

03. Practice DC LOAD (MOTOR) using fuel cell

04. Practice comparative analysis of solar power and fuel cell output

05. Practice comparison of performance according to load change of fuel cell

06. Experimenting with hydrogen fuel cell performance using electrolysis

07. Practice comparing performance according to load change of hydrogen fuel cell using electrolysis

Equipment Characteristics

  • This equipment is designed for consol-type, practice is available anywhere if there is electric power.

  • As a unit of fuel cell practice, basic characteristic experiment of fuel cell is practicable.

  • This equipment is practicable to measure electric & thermal efficiency of fuel cell

  • This equipment is for understanding of fuel cell`s basic principle.

  • This equipment is adjustable to generate hydrogen and oxygen.

  • This equipment is practicable to control load and to practice the fuel cell`s performance.

Detailed configuration

7000HS-Detailed configuration.png

Composition of Generator of Electric Converter

7000HS-Component Layout.png

Composition of Control Panel

◈Composition of common control panel 

7000HS-common control.png

◈Composition of Hydrogen control panel 


Hydrogen fuel cell system configuration drawing

7000HS-hydrogen system.png

hydrogen fuel cell characteristic

A : Hydrogen inlet connector

B : Ventilation opening

C : Hydrogen outlet connector

D : Silicone tube

7000HS-cell face.png

A: Protective label
B: fuel cell + connector
C: fuel cell- & rod connector
D: fuel cell- & rod-stick
E: Multi-connector and controller connection
F: hydrogen supply valve
G: hydrogen purge valve
H: Fuel cell air injection side

7000HS-cell back.png

Video clips for introduction

video Solar & Wind Power Generation.png

Proposal Educational Curriculum Solar & Wind Power Generation


Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generation Experiment Equipment

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