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Refrigeration Experiment Apparatus

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Equipment Introduction

  • The automatic control unit is composed of Power Module, DC 24V Power, SEL Switch, T/S, BZ, Lamp, Push Button S.W, MC, RELAY, TIMER Module, DC 24V Input, Temperature Module.

  • Changing the location of each device on the workstation should be configurable directly by the trainer, consisting of compressor module, the heat exchanger 1 module, water exchanger 2 modules, and automatic control panel, and the workstation should be made easy to move and attach each module.

  • Using eight K-types of the temperature sensor in the freezer, the temperature indicator attached to the control panel shall be displayed in real-time.

  • Temperature control and indicators shall be equipped with 032q * 8EA of k-type thermocouple wires and shall be able to measure and analyze temperature values in real-time during the operation of the equipment.

  • The pen motor of the heat exchanger 1 and 2 modules shall be subject to random adjustment of speed and everywhere in the control area shall be practicable by constructing a circuit with DC24V.

Education Contents

01.Practice to basic operation of Refrigeration system

02. Measurement of cooling performance according to condensation temperature change (high temperature control)

03. Practice to configuration self-holding circuit for priority STOP of using sequence control

04. Practice to configuration of temperature switch using sequence control

05. Practice to configuration of low pressure switch(LPS) using sequence control

06. Practice to configuration of high pressure switch using sequence control

07. Practice to configurate direct circuit for low temperature (Temperature S/W) and low pressure (LPS) control with Refrigeration system

08. Practice to configuration of pump down control circuit using sequence control

Equipment Characteristics

  • The refrigeration system expander may arbitrarily change the evaporation pressure during operation by attaching and adjusting the manual expansion valve. Based on the theoretical refrigeration cycle centered on textbooks (theoretical education), performance can be verified and compared in the actual reference refrigeration cycle by operating various variables such as condensation temperature variable (condensation pressure variable), evaporation temperature variable (evaporation pressure variable), overheating compression, wet compression, dry saturated compression, and supercooling.

  • The automatic control device allows you to experience the basic practice of various controls that must be passed on in science and engineering, including the refrigeration system, and the practice necessary for the performance and adjustment of the device. In addition, various controllers are used to experience the basic circuit configuration required for standard refrigeration cycle operation to experiment and practice real wiring configuration operation in a short time, thereby providing understanding and practical skills of automatic control circuits in complex refrigeration systems.

  • In particular, it is an educational system that can learn a sense of practice and improve adaptability to the field by installing an operation system in a heat pump-type cooling and heater used in commercial products or industrial industries using a small laboratory-level system.

System Description


Component of mechanical Refrigeration system


Mechanical refrigeration device component

◈ CM01 Compressor Module 

1000MOH-Compressor Module.png

◈ CE01 Condenser Module 

1000MO-Condenser Module.png

◈ RC01 Liquid Receiver Module 

1000MO-Liquid Receiver Module.png

◈ EV01 Evaporator Module 

1000MO-Evaporator Module.png

Common Control panel


Magnetic Contactor

1000MO-Magnetic contactor.png



MO Control panel


Dual Pressure Switch (DPS)

1000AUH-Pressure Switch.png

Pressure Switch

5000LT-Pressure Switch.png

Temperature controller setting

1000MO-Temperature controller setting.png

Video clips for introduction

video- educational.png

Educational Lab Experient Equipment Proposals

Video Introduction to Refrigeration.png

Introduction to Refrigeration & HVAC System and Education Curriculum

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