ICloud is a place for Apple storage, which helps secure all your information, photos, documents, notes, and emails at one place. Apple's claims, that it is using HSM and the data stored on them cannot be read, are not supported by irrefutable evidence, and the cryptographic protection of escrowed data is tied to iCloud Security Code, which is extremely weak in case of default settings and allows anyone who is able to retrieve the escrowed records from Apple servers (or HSM) to almost instantly recover the four-digit iCloud Security Code.

But according to Australian software developer Nik Cubrilovik , Apple's two-factor system won't secure users against the types of cloud-ripping attacks that compromised the celebrity photos and videos, because it only protects "account details and updates," not backups.

A basic iCloud account is free and provides a connection to calendars, contacts, and other services that integrate with your Mac. Apple seems to have believed its own hype, and achieved some level of complacency resulting from the security by obscurity that Mac OS X has enjoyed.

If you decide to use the Advanced security option in iCloud Keychain to have your Mac generate a random security code, then you won't need to think one up. Instead, the Mac will create a 29-character code for you. However, for completeness of presentation, here is an example used by ‘com.apple.Dataclass.KeychainSync' service.

I don't care about Apple knowing how I use the Weather app, but I never asked to upload information about my phone calls to the cloud, making them accessible to TLA. Now after you recover iCloud security code, you may want to view iCloud files and restore lost data from iCloud backup.

The Kelihos botnet is sending emails purporting to be from Apple, informing targets they have purchased the film Lane Splitter through their iTunes account using a PC or other device not previously linked to their Apple ID, Symantec reported. This feature isn't specific to iOS 8, but it is important for securing your iPhone.

Go through the onscreen notifications and you will get your new iCloud Security Code. The only types of controls security teams could use to augment iCloud security are mobile device management (MDM) controls that enact iCloud use policy, and enforce local data protection and authentication options that supersede those of iCloud.

After you get locked out, you are bound to see a service message which will either ask you to reset your iCloud Keychain security code or will ask you to enter the keychain code from another device. Mr Cook said Apple will broaden its use of the two-factor authentication security system to avoid future intrusions, the Journal reported.

Since the keychain app was introduced, it's been providing a convenient way to store passwords and use them to automatically access password-secured services, such as email accounts and networks. The updated phone number will now be used to verify your identity when you want to allow a new Mac or iOS device to access your keychain data.

Additionally, if a device is lost or stolen, Find My iPhone provides a few options for wiping the private data from the device; with the service turned off, those protections are unavailable, which means that unauthorized users could gain access to your personal data.