1. Advanced programmable logic controller automtic control trainer
  2. PLC Automation training equipment
  3. Automated manufacturing system training equipment
  4. Air-conditioning & Refrigeration system wiring sequecne experimental equipment
  5. Air-conditioning & Refrigeration system PLC traing kit
  6. Renewable energy system wiring sequence experimental equipment
  7. Renewable energy system PLC training kit
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PLC Automation training equipment Educational Video Clip

1. Introduction of PLC Automation training equipment 

PLC Automation training equipment Education Program

KTE-PS Programs

KTE-PS01. Factory Automation control Analysis and Control Practice
  01. Learn basic wiring
  02. Practice to configure of AND, OR, NOT circuit
  03. Practice to configure of Self hold & Interlock circuit
  04. Practice problem
  05. Practice to configured of TON, TOF Function
  06. Practice to configure of TP(:Pulse Timer) Function
  07. Practice to configure of TMR(:Integration Timer) Function
  08. Practice to configure of TMR_FLK(:Flicker Timer) Function
  09. Automated Manufacturing System Example
  10. Factory Automation control Cylinder Insert Module
  11. Factory Automation control Belt Conveyor Module
  12. Factory Automation Cylinder Pick & Place Module
  13. Factory Automation control Screw Slide Module
  14. Factory Automation control Gear Transfer Module

  01. Count Simulator
  02. Position Simulator
  03. 7- SEGMENT / Digital Switch Simulator
  04. Stepping Motor Simulator
  05. Analog Input Simulator
  06. Analog Output Simulator