1. New & Renewable Energy
  2. Solar Power Generation Experimental Equipment
  3. Solar Power Generation Practice Experimental Equipment
  4. Wind Power Generation Experimental Equipment
  5. Assembly Solar Power Generation Training Equipment
  6. Assembly Wind Power Generation Training Equipment
  7. Hybrid Power Conversion Experimental Equipment
  8. Plasma Artificial Sun Experimental Equipment
  9. Electrolysis-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Experimental Equipment
  10. Solar-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Experimental Equipment
  11. Renewable energy system wiring sequence experimental equipment
  12. Renewable energy system PLC training kit
  13. Geothermal heat pump experimental equipment
  14. Solar heating hot water boiler experimental equipment
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Assembly Wind Power Generation Training Equipment Education Program

KTE-SW Programs

  01. Experiment to measure the efficiency of a wind generator based on the wind speed
  02. Experiment on the anti-charge characteristics of the wind charger
  03. Wind Battery Discharge Performance Experiment
  04. An Experiment to Measure the End-of-Rate Voltage by the Discharge Experiment of Wind Battery
  05. Experiment to predict battery state of charge and discharge (SOC) based on the discharge of wind batteries
  06. An Experiment to Predict the Remaining Battery Life by Calculating the Wind Battery Capacity
  07. Wind Stand-alone Inverter Efficiency Experiment
  08. Practice configuring the inverter system with the wind system
  09. Experiment on Load of Inverter Connected to Wind System
  10. Practice of stand-alone inverter circuit configuration(Module type)
  11. Practice of stand-alone inverter system using Automatic Transfer Switch(Module type)
  12. Practice of grid-connected inverter system(Module type)