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Car Air-Conditioning Experimental Equipment Education Program

KTE-9000AU Manual

1. About Apparatus

2. Applied Parts
  (1) Control Panel
  (2) Inverter
  (3) DA-100
  (4) Heating System

3. How to Use Apparatus
  3-1. Hardware
    3-1-1. Cooling mode operation steps
    3-1-2. Heating mode operation steps
    3-2-1. Data Acquisition and System Monitoring Program
    3-2-2. Data Acquisition and System Monitoring Program Set up and Setting
  3-3. Performance Analysis

4. Car Air-conditioner Maintenance
  4-1. Features of the Car Air-conditioning System

5. Car Air Conditioning System
  5-1. Car Air Conditioning Systems (TXV TYPE - Block Type)
  5-2. Structure and Principles of each Component