bea skyBea Sky Nguyen Xien apartment building is invested by Dai Dong A Investment Joint Stock Co (belonging to Hai Phat Group) on the prime location in the South West of Kim Giang. The project is full of enthusiasm of the owner, with special shape and texture, plus the most beautiful View View of 100 hectares of Chu Van An Park and The Manor, the Bea Sky project. a perfect living environment with high-end synchronous utility and is becoming the most sought after project in the launch of the end of 2018.


Towards the motto of quality of life is a priority, the apartment at Bea Sky is designed open space with scientific layout, maximize the area of use optimization, ventilation in harmony. nature. Bea Sky is the product that the owner wants to send his love and expectations to customers. With the desire to bring customers an apartment, living space full of quality. In other words, Bea Sky is not only satisfying the material needs but also the spirit of future residents.
The project consists of a 26 storey building and 01 basement. Surrounding Bea Sky are romantic walkways, shady trees and more than 60 satellite utilities, the interior is designed modern, luxurious. Sports complex, children's play area, health club, gifted club, pharmacy, utility supermarket, clinic, hanging garden, cafe ...

Bea Sky apartment project is located in the land plot of VP in South West Kim Giang 1. According to project planning, Bea Sky will be located on the long stretch of Nguyen Xien street (new name: Chu Van An). 100% progress). In addition, the Bea Sky project site has a panoramic view of the West Kim Kim Tan residential area and the 100-hectare Chu Van An Park.
Located right on the planned 40m wide road, the Bea Sky apartment can easily connect to key city areas via the major roads: Khuat Duy Tien, Nguyen Trai - Ha Dong and Chu Van An ( connection of XD)
50m to The Manor
60m to Chu Van An Park Width more than 100ha
300m to Khuat Duy Tien street
1km to Nguyen Trai - Ha Dong.
3km to Big C Thang Long Supermarket
1.5 km to Royal City Center
0.5 km to Thang Long University
2.5 km to Bach Mai Hospital, 3km to Medical University Hospital
Around the Dai Dong A apartment complex are many offices of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology along the wide beltway 3. Beside that, the schools from kindergarten to university, hospital ... to meet the practical needs of learning, health of future residents.
Not only that, along the route in the West of the capital, there are many impressive houses and conglomerates like Grand Plaza, Keangnam, Mandarin Garden, The Manor, Thang Long Number One and Indochina Plaza Hanoi. on the strong development advantage of Dai East Asia Apartment in the future.
With the convenient location of gold moving to many central locations of the capital, conveniently transporting the suburbs and other provinces, the Bea Sky Building of the East Asia Building deserves a gold project by the end of 2018. real estate in Hanoi.


At Bea Sky, residents enjoy a variety of amenities and amenities, including: commercial center, cinema, townhouse, gym, outdoor swimming pool, school from kindergarten to junior high school.
The Dai Dong A Apartment project is devoted to the design of landscapes and green spaces by the owner. Walking paths, green spaces, landscaped gardens, stone chairs - holiday huts; Children's playground is the highlight of the landscape creating the dominant advantage of the project.
With a location in the middle of the Manor of the Bee Sky project, this is considered as part of The Manor but the price of the apartment is much higher.
The perfect utility system is planned in the project community, including: landscaped gardens, squares, shopping streets, schools at all levels that make the Bea Sky project truly a city. small town - the most central project in the south; fully meet the daily needs of residents.
The outdoor swimming pool in the Bea Sky project is located in the heart of the high building, meeting the needs of people's health and well-being, contributing to the landscape of the project.
In the context of the supply of apartments in the south of Hanoi is still limited, especially the project of scale and full of services in the suburban area of Bea Sky project is evaluated with the best price. with other projects around the area.
In addition to the local amenities available at the Bea Sky project, residents can fully enjoy life at the 100-hectare Chu Van An park and the interior of The Manor right next to it, just minutes away. walk.


The design principle of Bea Sky Nguyen Xien apartment is used by the owner:
- Designed to optimize the area used inside the apartment.
- The amount of light and wind is constantly and fully circulated in all rooms of the apartment.
- The load-bearing wall system maximizes the usable area, facilitating the arrangement of furniture.
- The corridor has many openings, which help to circulate air in the building
- One floor is divided into two subdivisions with large number of elevators, ensuring the circulation in the building and minimizing the density of residents.
- Landscape systems, gardens, trees and facilities are integrated diversely, bringing people closer to nature


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