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Dentist in District 10 Dr Ngoc would recommend the process of dental porcelain for customers to know more about how to make porcelain teeth.

Aesthetic porcelain crowns are the beauty way to get a lot of choices from the patient. However, cosmetic results vary greatly depending on the porcelain material, the patient's clinical condition as well as the experience of the treating physician. Dentistry in District 10 Dr Ngoc we offer a number of consultations to help you more easily find a place to treat a dental porcelain aesthetic.

In order to make porcelain crowns with high aesthetic results, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

- Take good marrow

- The work of teeth grinding is done properly, not grinding too much, the shape has good retention.

Accurate Marking: Need to insert only the gingiva to separate the gums and the cut of the teeth, sometimes need to insert only 2 times. When the syringe needs to coordinate liquid seal and solid rubber according to 2 techniques:

 Take 1 to 1 marks: get a seal

 Tooth full teeth: get two times

- Incorrect marking

- Precision casting

- Doctors with high cosmetic skills, observe your smile to design porcelain teeth and gums in harmony, choose the right color for your skin and smile.

Dentistry in District 10 Dr Ngoc is equipped with the best machinery and equipment to meet your expectations not only in terms of aesthetics, functional issues but also the shortening of treatment time. . Time to complete the planting of dental porcelain dental in District 10 Dr Ngoc is much shorter than other conventional dental porcelain solutions.

1. Take good marrow when planting porcelain teeth
If you do not really need it, do not take the pulp because: The treated pulp is not as strong and firm as the pulp. Therefore, after doing, should not tear the hard objects with those teeth to prevent teeth break, teeth break, teeth.

If you can imagine, you can compare the durability of a living tree (green) with a tree (dead tree). It is possible that the first period of bearing strength is not significantly different but will change dramatically after 5-10 years. Living teeth (pulp teeth) and dead teeth (treated teeth) are the same.

It is important to know that a live tooth can be used and maintained throughout your life if properly treated.

For teeth that have pulp, the durability only within 15 - 22 years. Later on, teeth are brittle and susceptible to breakage, rupture ... sometimes teeth break.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider as well as the choice of Dentistry in District 10 Dr Ngoc to specialists to consider whether or not to treat dental pulp. However, while making porcelain teeth will have to grind a thin layer of enamel. Externally, this grinding operation can affect the pulp. Therefore, for patients with large pulp chamber, most doctors recommend that the marrow be removed before transplantation to prevent pulp inflammation later to remove the dental pulp, marrow and other dental porcelain remover. At this time, the tooth extraction should be done well!

2. Grinding teeth when planting porcelain teeth
Grinding teeth is a very important work in the process of making porcelain teeth, grinding so that the teeth are not too small and the shape of the tongue must have good retention, this work is done after the completion of the pulp, sometimes grinding before the pulp. During the grinding process you may feel a little uncomfortable because of the strange feeling when your teeth are grinding a layer outside. After sharpening and collecting teeth, there will be temporary teeth so that you will not be empty during porcelain crowns. You should choose Dentistry in District 10 Dr Ngoc to grind your teeth to avoid over-sharpening needed

3. Take seal when the porcelain crown
Porzellanzähne herstellen After sharpening, the next step is to get marks. To get accurate marking, it is necessary to place only the gums, sometimes only 2 times.

4. Accurate marking when making dental porcelain
The gypsum is poured on the rubber stamp and the lab will make ceramic teeth based on this pattern. Each stage is related to each other so any steps that do wrong affect each other.

5. Labo Dental credibility, accuracy
All procedures are carried out at the dentist and lab will perform the process of making porcelain teeth. Normally, for long bridges, the ribs should be tested before attaching the porcelain to ensure close fitting of the gums.

6. A reputable, experienced dentist
Before each specific case, the treating doctor must understand the patient's wishes and know how to achieve the best results.

To know more about your need to treat marrow or not, how to grind teeth when planting dental porcelain you can contact Dentistry in District 10 Dr Ngoc, a prestigious dental porcelain in District 10 Ho Chi Minh City. Hotline: 0902767895 (Dr. Mai Xuan Ngoc)