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Since its beginnings in 1924, spiritual enrichment have been offered by the venerable Daily Word magazine from Unity to people of all faiths. Daily Word now has the distinction to be the oldest continually published daily inspirational magazine in the nation. Be taught further on our favorite partner site - Browse this webpage: cheap how to use nerium eye serum with makeup. It is published in seven languages and mailed to more than 1 million readers in 175 countries. Click here website to study how to flirt with it.

Unity is a trans-denominational organization located in Missouri whose purpose is always to help people apply positive religious principles to their daily lives.

In the 1960s, Unity started airing 'The Word,' public parts of spiritual communications done by superstars. They continued through 1992. Daily Word has established a presence in a fresh medium: the Net, to-day.

'Our goal is to make the Daily Word concept easily available to as many individuals as you can, at any time of day or night,' mentioned Tim Ipema, vice-president of marketing and develop-ment for Unity. 'Our re-search indicates that more and more people are turning to the Internet to get religious enrichment, and we feel it's very important to us to be where the spiritual-seekers are.'

The newest Internet site, supplies a number of ser-vices and special features, where people can:

* See the Daily Word message o-nline.

* Share thoughts and feelings regarding the daily messages with other members at the Daily Cafe, the site's community.

* Search 1000s of posts and messages in the Daily Word archives.

* Join free e-mail delivery of Daily Word.

'With the Daily Cafe, we've developed a web-based setting where Daily Word readers could exchange some ideas about spirituality, faith and the human condition,' Ipema said. For further information, we recommend you take a look at: click here. 'We consider it a web-based community, a virtual gathering place, by which consumers can foster and enrich each other in the realm of spirituality.'.

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