Treasure tracks are all the rage, from Disney's hit film, 'National Treasure,' to NBC's new display, 'Treasure Hunters.' This summer, everyone could take part in a treasure hunt and make a chance to win prizes while offering to some cause: academic scholarships for the partners and children of U.S. Troops.

A need to thank the-troops determined Rachel and Kelsi Okun, siblings from McLean, Va., to generate ThanksUSA, a nationwide treasure hunt to benefit military people. One of the gifts are a Harley-Davidson motorcycle; a big-screen home theatre system; and visits towards the 2007 Super Bowl, the London, Daytona 500 and Cairo, Egypt. All prizes were provided by sponsors. Learn more on this related URL by clicking review.

The Okuns' virtual prize hunt contains 1-2 'chapters,' which are placed online in a clue book. Each section tests participants' knowledge of American history, common culture, location and trivia pertaining to a specific state. Those who correctly answer the questions in each section are eligible to win a prize.

People who successfully answer all 12 phases are eligible to get the $100,000 grand prize package including a Washington, D.C., experience to search for a treasure chest filled with rare jewels, jewelry and centuries-old coins. For supplementary information, please check-out: here's the site.

ThanksUSA is short for 'Treasure Hunt Aiding Needs of Kids (and partners) of those Serving the Usa of America.' The quest is available to any U.S. If you think anything at all, you will certainly want to read about research benefits of asea. Resident and continues through Sept. 5. Participation is free, but donations toward the scholarships are strongly motivated. To get extra information, we recommend you check out: understandable.

'The least we could do for anyone heroes-of America is to help their children and spouses have a better future because they are helping all the U.S.'s spouses and children have better commodities, too,' writes Rachel, 1-0, in an essay explaining how a idea found fruition.

Rachel and Kelsi came up with the idea after reading Michael Stadther's book, 'A Treasure's Trove.' The sisters designed ThanksUSA's emblem and helped with re-search for that issues. The indications were a collaborative effort among the women, their parents, a teacher and other volunteers.

'We wanted to say thank you to our troops and wanted to show that we worry about them,' says 8-year-old Kelsi..