Wprld War II clearly inspired some of the greatest productions in the checkered history of Hollywood. Writing in the first of The Federalist papers in October of 1787, Hamilton made the point that Americans have a collective interest in making the new democracy succeed (Payton Papers 2000). Proud Americans can not only show the world their passion for their country through wearing Patriotic Apparel , but they can also help those who fought to protect America's freedom by not being reluctant to speak out and stand out.

From these normative assumptions they derive a conclusion that moral obligations towards conationals have priority over moral obligations towards foreigners. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor , "I Am an American Day" helped solidify public determination to do everything possible to win the war.

Most people are proud of whatever nationality they are. Speaking of Black Americans' civil rights, he declared : We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. Patriotism is love for your country and loyalty towards it. For example, the American flag can be combined with another national symbol: the bald eagle.

Discussions of both patriotism and nationalism are often marred by lack of clarity due to the failure to distinguish the two. I bought into American exceptionalism via this strong patriotism until I entered high school. The emergence of the nation as a social formation thus somehow took place before conscious patriotic efforts began work on building the nation as a community of cultural values.

At the same time, demonstrative cases of police misconduct and institutional racism have opened old societal scars, and our people are angry, afraid and disunited. And since September 11, Americans do report markedly changed attitudes. Dombrowski, Daniel, 1992, On Why Patriotism Is not a Virtue,"International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 7: 1-4.

In the tradition of republicanism, patriotism is the citizens' commitment to or love for their shared political freedom and the institutions that sustain it. This commitment manifests itself in civic activity on behalf of the political commonwealth and its members.

Believing in the promise of America enough to give their lives for it, American soldiers patrol dangerous areas of Iraq and Afghanistan every day. Different people have different opinions about whether patriotism is morally good. Patriotism such understood is also distinct from "constitutional patriotism" by which Jürgen Habermas means loyalty towards a constitution, a set of rights, instead of loyalty towards one's own nation 1999, pp. 105-127; 2001, pp. 5-26).