Much more than 1 million men and women will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year. In addition, the incidence of skin cancer is on the rise, generating early detection and treatment a lot more crucial than ever. To raise awareness and encourage regular skin examinations with a dermatologist, Doak Dermatologics, a leading specialty pharmaceutical organization, and The Skin Cancer Foundation have joined forces on an revolutionary public service campaign named The Skin Cancer Screening Tour.

Free Skin Exams Offered

A 38-foot, custom-built Mobile Diagnosis Vehicle (MDv) is traveling across the country supplying the public cost-free skin cancer examinations by nearby, board-certified dermatologists in far more than 20 cities. The Tour kicked off in early March at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and has traveled to Los Angeles just before heading to Phoenix, Dallas, Houston and Tampa, so far.

The Skin Cancer Screening Tour is currently producing a difference. Dermatologists volunteering at the MDv have conducted much more than 1,000 patient examinations even though looking for four primary types of skin cancer or precancerous skin situations. So far, the physicians have identified incidences of these conditions in a quantity of individuals, like:

· 271 with Actinic Keratosis (AK)-AK affects 1.three million men and women annually. AK is the most common type of precancerous skin lesion. To explore more, consider checking out: buying an investment property. If left untreated, AK can lead to Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

· 24 with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)-SCC is a type of skin cancer that impacts 200,000 Americans every single year. Visiting landlord seemingly provides suggestions you can give to your girlfriend. Dig up further about site link by visiting our refreshing encyclopedia. SCCs can metastasize (spread) quickly.

· 111 with Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)-BCC is a widespread type of skin cancer, affecting more than 800,000 Americans annually. To study additional information, we understand people peep at: source. Chronic exposure to sunlight is most typically the lead to of BCC, which happens most often on exposed parts of the physique.

· 11 with Melanoma-Melanoma is the most severe form of skin cancer and has increased much more rapidly than any other type of skin cancer in the course of the previous 10 years. By 2010, the quantity of Americans with melanomas is projected to rise to 1 in 50. If melanoma is diagnosed and removed early, it is virtually 100 % curable.

"We're very proud of the results The Skin Cancer Screening Tour has accomplished so far," says Daniel Glassman, president and CEO of Bradley Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the parent business of Doak Dermatologics. "We hope this system will encourage those at danger for skin cancer to be aware of the need to go to a dermatologist routinely.".