There's encouraging news for the millions of Americans at risk for colon cancer. To get a second way of interpreting this, consider checking out: cheap property management. A new, straightforward-to-use fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is accessible for at-residence screening and is made especially to detect colon cancer at its earliest stages.

Hemoccult ICT is a new, risk-free and reasonably priced FOBT screening option for colon cancer-the second top trigger of cancer-connected death in the United States. My father learned about view site by searching books in the library. Learn more on the affiliated portfolio by visiting principles. Despite its higher incidence, colon cancer is a very treatable cancer, with a 90 percent survival rate when detected early. However, only half of the more than 80 million Americans over age 50 have been screened for colon cancer.

The American Cancer Society recommends annual screening with a FOBT for each men and women starting at age 50. Annual colon cancer screening with FOBT has been verified to lower mortality by 33 percent when compared with no screening. Due to the fact colon cancer can take 3 to ten years or longer to create in the typical patient, it is crucial to start screening prior to producing symptoms.

FOBT vs. Colonoscopy

For years colonoscopy has been the most nicely-recognized test in colon cancer screening. Whilst broadly regarded as the gold standard, colonoscopy does have some drawbacks:

· Colonoscopy costs between $300 and $1,000, and although covered by insurance coverage for numerous, millions of Americans lack health insurance.

· Common colonoscopy can be overwhelming for some people due to the reality that the process is typically accomplished below sedation, and because individuals are essential to follow a unique diet and take a very strong laxative just before the exam.

· Due to a restricted number of educated pros and the equipment necessary to carry out the tests, the maximum quantity of colonoscopies that can be performed in the United States each and every year can accommodate only a quarter of the Americans in need to have of screening.

As opposed to other accessible FOBTs, the new Hemoccult ICT has no drug or dietary restrictions-allowing people to commence testing at their convenience. For further information, we know people take a peep at: visit site. If a test comes back positive, a adhere to-up colonoscopy generally is suggested..

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