New Zealand digital assets exchange Cryptopia has suspended services after reportedly detecting a major hack that has allegedly resulted in significant losses. This has quickly been picked up by the cryptocurrency community as popular Bitcoin proponent Whale Pand (@WhalePanda), said that the exchange has become rather irrelevant. Bitfinex is one of the most active BTC exchanges although it has been viewed with skepticism over the years.

Subsequent addresses in the Top 100 are also partly owned by smaller exchanges, but in most of them their owners are unknown. I believe this would lead to a stable situation where those known-stolen bitcoins were worth far less than regular bitcoins. This discrepancy wasn't addressed, so it can be assumed that the hacker managed to siphon funds into another address.

Mt. Gox, which was once the world's largest exchange for the decentralized virtual currency, filed for bankruptcy protection in February 2014, when it was reported that 850,000 bitcoins, worth $450 million at the time, had disappeared or been stolen by hackers.

Whilst this story rumbles on, Cryptopia has Ethereum Stealer reacted quickly to its recent hack, at least compared to historical exchange hacks. This would entitle hack victims to claim their lost Bitcoins, and cash in on the triple-digit percentage hike the coin has seen since the hack.

Nørreport, København K Copenhagen Bitcoin har allieret sig med Paradigm Consult, der fra sit kontor på Frederiksborggade i centrum af København tilbyder kontant køb og salg af bitcoins, samt personlig service i forbindelse med større køb eller salg. At the time of writing this article, Bitfinex is the 15th largest digital asset exchange in the cryptocurrency market.

These Bitcoins were stolen from website's "hot wallet" (every shared wallet has to operate one to process current withdrawals). To provide better security, most exchanges keep a large bulk of bitcoins in a cold wallet, which is a bitcoin wallet secured cryptographically and designed like putting money in a safe.