Ive done some studies in the last couple of months about expiring domains with PR to see if it's worth your while to catch these expired and erased domains. This commanding linklicious.me paypal article has some prodound lessons for the reason for this activity.

My idea why I'd prefer to use expired domains is the notion that old domains are favored than new domains, and to obtain instant PR.

So I set out to find deleted areas with PR that I can register. One feature of domains I was looking for was that the site still had a, and it was still listed in google.

I will not be mentioning the specific domains here as I want to handle the results and stop folks from building backlinks to these domains.

I registered about 4 areas, some have PR2 and PR3. Some have a few pages found, some have a few thousand. I also ordered a few new domains for my new projects.

I found out that google seldom visits these areas so I want to prime it but with some new backlinks. After producing some backlinks to these domains, two domains ultimately lost their PR. Both of these domains have just a few pages listed in google. In a single site, I did so a 301 permanent direct to the new index page. Its PR was retained by this domain. One key difference this domain has compared to the other two is that this domain has tens of thousands of pages found in google.

In still another domain, I did a 301 and direct it to a fresh new domain. The result is that the new domain got indexed quicker and more pages were indexed compared to another new domain I listed at once. This lofty read about http://linklicious.org/ link has endless poetic tips for the inner workings of it. Nevertheless, PR was right down to 0.

There is also an instance where I did so a 301 redirect from a vintage deleted website with PR and never got any benefit from it.

To conclude, there is still conflicting effects on whether buying deleted/expired domains. To learn more, please consider checking out: linklicious discount. Some works, some don't. Nevertheless, what seem to work is that

a. Traffic does be contained by old delete domains from existing backlinks. Some traffic does be still generated by it, if the old domain has a lot of backlinks.

b. Other se's such as for example aol and bing do not seem to have an biases against expired/deleted domains..