Refrigration, Freezing & Air-conditioning

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76 Air handling unit(KTE-1000AHU) imagefile
26803   Jul 11, 2008
Performance Test FEATURESCycle composition : Preheater - Precooler - Blower - Humidifier - Reheater - Recooler - Control Volume - Outside. With controlling mount of air. Refrigerant : R-22. The c...  
75 Air handling unit (KTE-2000AHU) imagefile
26029   Jul 11, 2008
Experimntal Contents1. Study for the principle of air-conditioning in construct field.2. Experiment cooling and heating with control of intake, exhaust and return air.3. Measurement performance of ...  
74 Standard refrigeration system(KTE-1000BA) imagefile
25533   Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESReal-time temperature and pressure data viewReal-time temperature and pressure graph view Real-time temperature and pressure data view on the variety of refrigeration cycleReal-time enthalpy view on...  
73 Temp. Pressure & Defrost control system(KTE-1000TP) imagefile
25133   Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESBasic Experiment of Standard Refrigeration Trainer Measuring heat exchanging quantity in the Liquid-gas exchanger Operating performance test of air-cooling and cold-storage Performance test by ...  
72 Refrigerant parallel expansion system(KTE-2000EV) imagefile
24008   Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESBasic Experiment of Standard Refrigeration Trainer Operating test of air cooling and freezingPerformance comparing test for the proper refrigerant charging during the air-cooling or freezing...  
71 E.P.R control refrigeration system(KTE-2000EP) imagefile
24636   Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESBasic Experiment of Standard Refrigeration Trainer Operating test for air-cooling of the high temperature evaporator and freezing for the low temperature evaporatorPerformance test by changin...  
70 Heat pump refrigeration system by 4way reversing V/V control (KTE-3000HD) 2767 imagefile
81533 1 Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESBasic Experiment of Standard Refrigeration Trainer Changing refrigerant flow way by controlling 4-way reverse valveHeating operating test by controlling 4-way reverse valve Cooling operating t...  
69 Refrigeration Sequence training equipment (KTE-4000SQ) 2945 imagefile
66113   Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESPracticing to have performance test after making real wire.(But, the real wire trainer should be connected with air-conditioning system, refrigeration system, freezing system, binary refrigeration...  
68 Refrigeration PLC training equipment (KTE-4000PL) 3113 imagefile
71594   Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESBasic programing of GM-WIN PLC- How to install GM-WIN program- How to use EDIT TOOL- How to make a LD program- How to make a sequence circuit.Control programming for refrigeration system- How...  
67 KTE-8000AB 1909 imagefile
42468   Jul 11, 2008
Experimental ContentsOperation for chilling and Heating of absorption refrigeration.Operation as condition of thermal lord.Experimental charging of absorpt liquid.Performance test for absorption refri...  
66 KTE-9000AU(Full Auto / Manual tytpe) 3534 imagefile
68388   Jul 11, 2008
Full Auto-Type (Model : KTE-9000AU-A) Experimental contents 1. Study for the principle of air-conditioning and refrigeration with a car.2. Study for assembling of air-conditioning system in a car.3. Ope...  
65 Super low cooling refrigration system(KTE-5000LT) imagefile
41602   Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESBasic Experiment of Standard Refrigeration Trainer Low stage evaporating temperature test by changing temperature of high stage condensing temperatureLow stage evaporating temperature test by changi...  
64 Brine refrigeration system / Ice maker (KTE-6000BR) imagefile
26183 1 Jul 11, 2008
FEATURESBasic Experiment of Standard Refrigeration Trainer Testing exchange rate evaporator cooling coil and brineTesting exchange rate water and brineAnalysis early evaporating loadTesting compressio...  
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62 What Is A Manhole Cover? image
1898   Jul 09, 2018
The manhole cover is a very recent concept. So what is the manhole cover? What are the characteristics of this type of cap?Nowadays, when traveling on the road, you will easily meet the manhole ...  
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2239   Jul 09, 2018
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60 Rotating Wifi IP Security Camera HD image
2168   Jul 11, 2018
The amount of surveillance cameras being used in homes is rapidly growing. Wi-Fi Enabled, No Hubs and furthermore Easy enactment with Bluetooth similarity and no unattractive center point to conceal; R...  
59 Symptoms Of A Broken Air Conditioner: How To Know When You Need Air Conditioner Repair image
1999   Jul 13, 2018
Your air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months-until it malfunctions. Then, unless you're a home improvement and repair expert, you're left to sweat it out until a pr...  
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