A national screening program may help save tens of thousands of lives by diagnosing-and bringing attention to-one of the very most undertreated medical care issues for older Americans.

Millions of Americans may have vascular illness without even knowing it, according to the American Vascular Association (AVA). Vascular disease beyond your heart kills and cripples thousands of Americans annually despite generally available noninvasive procedures to detect its most common forms: abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease and carotid artery disease.

a due to carotid artery infection are the number one cause of the third leading cause of death and disability in this country.

a aortic aneurysms (AAA), which influence 15,000 Americans each year, may be completely cured when recognized early, but rupture is fatal in most cases. Legislation was recently passed by congress for select Medicare patients to undergo an AAA testing. Visiting copyright perhaps provides cautions you can use with your aunt. The lined patient population includes men age 65 and over who've used more than 100 cigarettes inside their lives, plus women with a household history of AAA.

a Peripheral arterial illness (PAD) might cause crippling knee dilemmas and indicate an increased risk for stroke. Get more about learn about real estate by browsing our lofty paper.

Certain problems are of a higher risk of vascular disease, including smoking, high blood cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, genealogy of vascular disease, past heart or leg issue solutions and prior stroke. Discover new information on a related wiki by visiting landlord.

AVA's 2006 National Screening Program will be held May 13 to 20 in over 250 cities in the united states. The free tests for vascular disease are noninvasive, easy and easy. In the event you wish to get more about landlords, we know of thousands of resources people can investigate. It is recommended that anybody over 55 with risk factors undergo a screening.

AVA created the National Screening Program in an effort to educate people about significant general problems, threat prevention, facets and treatment options. The screening is left by each patient with a copy of his or her Vascular Report Card, done on-site by a vascular specialist.

"Our national testing program will allow individuals to understand definitively their degree of general health," said Dr. William Dtc. Flinn, Vice Chairman of AVA. "Early diagnosis of vascular disease has great importance and can significantly reduce the danger of impairment and death.".

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